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Intuitive Planet

We're halfway through the Snake Year...

and people are finding the luck they need to get love and money opportunities. Listen in to what I had to say to several interested people.

I talked to Angel, who is a Scorpio and born year of the Pig; a very psychic combination. I said, “Getting what you want this year will start with getting rid of negative energies (including negative people). I suggest clearing your house with sage. Check out my information on space clearing at Once your place is clear money and love opportunities will flow to you. Place a piggy bank in your kitchen to attract serious money in 2013.”

Enrique emailed me and this is what I told him. “You're a Gemini/Rabbit and this year you show that you will conquer your issues (especially health issues). You have been trying lots of different options and in 2013 you will find the right combination. I suggest you add some house plants to the home. These will bring oxygen and they represent wellness. In matters of love you seem a little distracted, others are trying to get your attention. And money will improve towards the end of the year.“

And a client of mine, Penny, called me and here's what I said to her. “You are the powerful combination of Capricorn/Tiger but often times people see you as a fluffy kitten. This year you need to have your claws out to grab what really belongs to you. I suggest you place an empty, decorative bowl by the front door to catch the money coming in, and a toy tiger by the back door to stop the money from going out. When it comes to love you are on the right path. I see a big improvement in your love life in 2013, especially after August."

Want to know what's up for you in 2013? Email me with your date of birth and I'll let you know.


New Predictions and Prosperity Tips!

Your personal horoscope for 2013 plus Feng Shui cures to bring you more luck and prosperity is right here. With 2013 Snake energy we have a very different year coming up. Are you prepared to attract and grab hold of the opportunities for love and money?


New eBook and Kindle is Here!

February 10, 2013 marks the Year of the Water Snake (also known as the Black Snake). We haven't had a Water Snake year in 60 years. Could this be your best year? And if so, how do take hold of this positive energy?

In this eBook you'll learn about the specific energy for 2013 for your Chinese Zodiac Sign. More than just Chinese Horoscopes this eBook has predictions and Feng Shui Cures for each sign. The book starts with an overview of predictions for everyone based on this new energy of the 2013 Chinese Snake year. 2013 brings powerful business and intense romantic opportunities for those who can harness the particular power of the 2013 Snake Year.

This eBook explains the five Chinese Elements and how they come into play this year.

What to do for Chinese New Year to ring in the year bringing in the most luck possible.

How Mercury Retrograde and Eclipses will play a bigger role this year and how you can get positive results during these periods.

Flying Star predictions and where to place remedies for negative energy that has now moved to different locations of the home.

There are Chinese Astrology predictions for each sign and many tips on things you can do to attract positive energy, bring in more luck and have more success this year than ever before.

And there's an expanded Chinese Astrology Compatibility section, 144 combinations of what works and what doesn't in love relationships plus a bonus of where to place a Feng Shui Crystal in your home to help with your relationship, each placement is tailored to each sign pair.

This comprehensive guide to your 2013 will give you the tools you need for the coming Chinese Year of the Snake. This book is coming soon in PDF, Kindle and other eReader formats.


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What does 2013 have in store for you?

Has the 2012 been a challenge? Now that we're in the later half of 2012 many are asking the question, "what will 2013 bring?" You can discover how 2013 will unfold for you and your family by looking at the energy of Year of the Snake. When the energy is in harmony you can easily access more money, better relationships, career and business opportunities and have more energy and focus. But you mostly want to know where the energy is not going to be harmonious. This is when we implement Feng Shui remedies to shift and change the energy.

For instance I suggested for those born in sign of of the Rat that in 2012 they put a brass bowl by the back door to prevent unexpected bills from draining the bank account. For those born in the under the sign of Rabbit I proposed placing a red cut-glass crystal in your vehicle to attract a new love into your life. And for those born in the year of the Dog I said to burn metallic gold candles to help bring a new job. These Feng Shui cures are simple to do and bring great results.

Bookmark this website as there will be updates throughout the year.

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What people are saying about 2012 Year of the Water Dragon

I am so excited about what these changes to my home will do for my life! You are so inspiring. I BELIEVE :-)  L.T. in Brentwood, CA

Oh, Donna, thank you SO MUCH! This is wonderful! I really appreciate you. The Feng Shui cures have added extra energy into my business. B.J. in Miami, FL

Thanks for all your help and information, I'm looking at life from such a new and joyful perspective! C. H. in Barcelona, Spain

Thank you so very much for the directions. My patience has improved and my overall energy and happiness has been lifted. It has really made a huge difference in my outlook. T.S. Boston, MA